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Life 90.5FM

Launched in the wee hours of the morning to minimize disruptions. This is the first site to be overhauled for Carolina Christian Radio. link: Life 90.5 FM

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Bryson City takes to YouTube to say that they’re still open.

[] Bryson City, NC has taken to YouTube to let everyone know that they’re open for business even tho the government isn’t. I’m not going to harp on the production value here. Instead I’m going to point out that this is something anyone could do with their smartphone. I might even go so far as […]

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Twitter on the Ferry

Spotted on the Ocracoke-Hatteras ferry over the weekend. Twitter is a given if you want to push information out these days. The problem isn’t channels. We’ve got plenty of those. The challenges are 1) choosing the right one(s), 2) letting people know you’re there, and 3) generating interesting & useful content.

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