Super Bowl Ads – 2014

Well, pulling for Denver was a mistake. I’d swear I heard Yakety Sax playing whenever the Broncos got anywhere near the ball.

Ah well. We all watch for the ads anyway, right?

First: Let’s get this out of the way: The local O’Brien Heating and Air spot by blew most of the national stuff out of the water. I’d put it here if I could find it anywhere to embed. If my sister-in-law’s husband wasn’t my go-to guy for HVAC, I’d call them just in hopes of the service tech dancing disturbingly through the entire service call.

I thought the ads this year were pretty sad. Ford really didn’t start things off too well. There were some good ones here and there, but nothing really wow’d me. Maybe the hype leading up is actually harming things? Maybe we have unrealistic expectations? Perhaps.

Fast Co. has gathered all the Super Bowl ads together onto one very slow loading page. There’s a link to that at the bottom of the page, but I’ve put in my favorites here.

Muppets + Terry Crews = How can this not be a win?
Just for the ending
After the little girl hit her line, I was howling so loud that I didn’t hear the rest of the spot.

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