Adobe Flash — Is it time?


New exploits and Firefox killing it by default has brought Flash back into the spotlight this week for reasons that probably make Adobe cringe. Even Norton did a sponsored Tweet today with friendly instructions on how to disable it in IE, Firefox and Chrome ( No love for Opera anymore, I suppose ). If you’ve got Flash on your website, maybe it’s a good time to start thinking about replacing it with more friendly HTML5 alternatives that are both less of a security risk and less of a resource hog. Win – Win, right?

I’ve had Flash disabled by default for over a year and a half now. It was just bogging my computer down, especially when viewing a page with a lot of Flash ads on it. I really don’t miss it except for a few sites that still insist using it for video and then I can activate it on a page by page basis. The list of sites that require that is shrinking rather quickly.

Heck, the last Flash work I did was well over a year ago and even then I created a HTML5 version of it to future proof things for when this day came.

So maybe it has. I guess we’ll see.