Color Inspiration

I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I’ve checked out Adobe’s Color site. It might have even been at the time. With the Adobe Capture app, I just haven’t had the need.

They’ve recently added some cool features and you don’t even need to subscribe to Creative Cloud to take advantage of the bulk of them. What have they added? I’m glad you asked.

Explore Section

You can search for color themes by keywords. These themes are sourced from Adobe Stock, Behance creative projects and color themes that others have published to the Color site. (Thinking about this, I really think Kuler was the cooler name.)

Trending Section

This section appears to be an automatically curated selection of themes based on source popularity in Behance and Adobe Stock.

Older, But Still Cool

There’s still the color wheel and an option to extract a color theme from an uploaded photo based on Adobe’s algorithms. Any color theme can be used as a base and taken into the color wheel and tweaked to your heart’s content.