“COVID-19 Announcement”

As we all hunker down and deal with the stress of lost business, I’ve observed a few things that I’ve been pointing out to friends.

  • We need to be clear and intentional in our communication
    The CDC put included toilet paper on a list of things people should stock up on and suddenly I can’t find a roll of Charmin when I’m really running low on TP. We need to think about how our public facing announcements might be misinterpreted while striving to be crystal clear and as specific as possible.
  • Don’t be that guy taking advantage of this situation
    I’ve seen a lot of borderline marketing going on. Tell people about how you’re handling this, but it’s not the time to play on people’s fears to sell your product. There’s a line there and it’s a little fuzzy but we all know when it’s been crossed. Yes, let people know the precautions you’re taking, but making unsubstantiated claims about your product will land you in a heap of trouble.
  • Don’t Panic” is not the same as taking this lightly
    We can all be calm and take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves and others during this time. This does not mean acting carelessly like the kids we saw on spring break in Florida this week. Wash your hands, cough into a tissue or your sleeve, avoid large crowds. These are the new normal for the next few weeks or months.

Lastly, this too will pass. We’ll get through all this. Let’s take care of each other.