Someone tell Britt’s Donuts that they’re doing it wrong


**This was originally shared over the summer on Facebook (Like Meeeee!), but I thought it’d be good to share it here too.

Someone tell Britt’s Donuts that they’re doing it wrong. No web page. They have Facebook ( Britts on Facebook ) & Twitter ( Britts Twitter ) but never update either one.

But, hey… look at that Facebook page. 5,946 likes, 4,601 checkins, 327 mentions? How can they do that without engaging?

They’re awesome donuts – that’s why. Sugary, hot, awesome that you can eat a dozen of without blinking. People wait in lines that flow off down the boardwalk to buy them. It’s like a Apple product release every day in Carolina Beach.

Not everyone needs a website or a social media strategy. I think the world would be a slightly happier place if we spent more time being awesome instead of feeding quarters to the hype machine… just don’t tell anyone that you heard that from me.

Photo by akiramedia • Instagram.