It may feel like it’s something you can’t do, but you can & should purchase your own domain name. Here are three quick, compelling reasons why.

  • You will save money
    Granted, it’ll only be a few dollars per year, but the rich don’t stay rich by just giving their hard-earned cash away, right? Might as well start those 7 Habits of Wildly Rich Billionaires today.
  • It makes you look smarter than you are
    If you come to me and you have your domain name already purchased, it tells me that you are an informed client and that you’re coming to the table prepared.
  • You ultimately control what happens to your website
    This is the really big one. The harsh reality is that bad things happen. Web companies come and go and are sold and bought. That isn’t my personal business plan, but I can’t predict the future. If you registered your own domain name and for some reason can’t or don’t want to deal with me any more, you can’t point that bad boy somewhere else without having to give me the time of day and you won’t even have to get your business cards reprinted.

For me, it really comes down to that last point. It’s about control and maintaining it for yourself with minimal fuss. If you’re one of my clients ( or even if you’re not), I highly recommend you do this yourself. I’ll even take the time to walk with you through the registration process because I believe that your security & trust is worth more than a few dollars in my pocket.

Photo Credit: Flickr Commons – The Library of Virginia