Adobe Adding Generative AI to Photoshop

It was not too long ago that Adobe launched its Firefly AI beta and today they announced its integration into Photoshop as a “Generative Fill” feature. You’ve got to have the Photoshop Beta to see it right now, but it’ll be making it’s way to the main release soon.

There’s a lot of bad hot takes on AI these days. While it’s true that we need to have some rules and guidelines, I don’t see it as the big threat that a lot of people do. It is not going to replace real artists. It can only kind of mash up what you feed into it and spit out something based on the input.

There’s no inspiration or innovation. You really need the human element for that.

It will be useful for modifying existing images, re-cropping and the such, but that will need someone guiding and steering for good results. I don’t really think you’ll be able to just type in a phrase like “a picture of a car on the street” and get exactly what you want.

Well, not at this time anyway.

Case in point: the image attached to this post was generated by typing, “alien landscape with dinosaurs” into Stable Diffusion. As you can see, it is, ah, less than on point.

link: Adobe Generative Fill