Virtual Instagram Influencer

Meet Miquela, the Instagram fashion/social cause influencer who is completely virtual. While some of us struggle to break the one thousand mark, she has no fewer than 572 thousand followers. I imagine that current fashion is a lot more popular than muffler installations or lunch specials, so we’ve got that to comfort us.

There’s an interview her creator at Business of Fashion with a couple of social media takeaways for the flesh and blood among us.

  • Miquela engages her followers and claims none of them have been purchased. (yes, you can buy followers and no, you shouldn’t.)
  • She takes no money for endorsements of products. (but is frequently sent free items to evaluate)
  • Success is attributed to the sense of community with her followers.

via DesignTaxi who has way too many pop-up ads on their mobile view. (gotta pay the bills somehow, right?)

@lilmiquela on Instagram