Visually Impaired Surf Camp

Summer is a busy time around here and fortunately a lot of that busy goes on at the beach providing photo support for the best surf school around and that’s Indo Jax. (Disclaimer: Indo Jax is a client and and friend, so, I’m biased. I’m also right)

Last night wrapped up the Visually Impaired Camp In Memory of Anita Lathan and I’ve got to say it’s my favorite of all the camps we do. Not that I don’t love the others. Man, I do, but I’ve got a personal connection to this one. I was very close to my grandfather. He was the successful person in the family that we all aspired to be like. The fact that he did it all literally blind made him bigger than life.

Documenting these kids out there overcoming their fears and doing something that is hard for anyone to do helps me keep his memory alive. As Jack Viorel says, surfing is just the vehicle and their motto reflects it. “If I can surf, I can do anything.”

So, indulge me if you will for a moment and take a look at the pictures over on SmugMug and check out the awesome. Also, if you are so inclined, please consider giving them your support at their CrowdRise page (, or maybe even volunteering at one of their charity surf camps throughout the summer.